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Carpet Cleaning Myth #1vacuuming carpet in Bellingham WA

Too much vacuuming will damage your carpet

Vacuuming only does good things for your carpet. Regular vacuuming removes the bulk of dirt and helps your carpet to last longer.

Carpet Cleaning Myth #2

If your carpet looks clean it is clean

That seems a little too good to be true. Unfortunately there’s a lot hiding in your carpet that you may not see, including dust mites and bacteria. Even if your carpet looks clean it still may need a cleaning. Experts recommend a carpet cleaning every 3-6 months.

family on carpet in Bellingham WA

Carpet Cleaning Myth #3

Carpet will shrink after a cleaning

Wouldn’t it be terrible if this were true?! Luckily carpet is unlikely to shrink after a cleaning unless it doesn’t dry correctly. At Chem-Dry we use little water when cleaning carpet. It's very important to schedule a carpet cleaning with a cleaner you trust. 

Carpet Cleaning Myth #4

My carpet came with a stain protectant so it can 

prevent stains

A factory applied stain protectant is helpful, but over time the protector wears off. Without it stains and dirt can infiltrate carpet fibers much easier. Reapplying carpet protectant helps to fight against stains and keep them out of your carpet! Schedule here to see great results.

chem-dry of bellingham carpet protectant in bellingham wa

Carpet Cleaning Myth #5

Cleaning carpet too much will ruin it

The truth is you can never clean carpet too much! Dirt and bacteria are constantly coming into your home. A regular carpet cleaning fights against these elements, so why not do it regularly.

Carpet Cleaning Myth #6

Baking soda cleans carpet

Not quite. Baking soda masks odors temporarily, but it is not a fix-all. Removing odors in a way that is both effective and safe for your carpet often requires a professional carpet cleaning.