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Have you recently had to ask yourself “Why do dogs pee in the house?”

puppy lab peeing on sofa in Bellingham Wa

Pet urine can be detrimental to your carpet. It is important to figure out the ‘why’ so you can figure out the ‘what next’. Today we present you with the top reasons why your pet may be urinating indoors.

Your dog may be peeing in the house because they are marking their territory.

It is no secret that a dog’s signature way to mark its territory is by urinating. If you have recently moved, your dog may be smelling urine stains from dogs who used to live there.

Even if you can’t smell any pet urine in the carpet, the sensitive nose of a dog can pick up past smells of pee.

That’s why we use black light technology to locate urine stains. They are not always visible or strong enough to smell, but they can still cause a urination problem with your pet. With our P.U.R.T. method, we can remove those stains and prevent your pet from peeing there again.


Your pet may have a medical condition that is causing them to urinate on carpet.

pug dog snuggling in a shag blanket looking sad in Bellingham WAIf your pet has never had a problem urinating in the correct spot until recently, it may be because of a medical condition. Perhaps they have a urinary infection or kidney disease. If they are getting older, their age may be a factor in their frequent accidents.

If you think your pet has a medical concern, consult a veterinarian to find a safe solution.

smiling excited puppy on gray carpet in Bellingham WA

Your dog may pee in the house because they are stressed or excited.

Does your dog pee when you greet them? This may be due to extreme excitement! Dogs who urinate when feeling extreme excitement or stress are exhibiting submissive urination. This is most common in puppies, but can occur in older dogs. Consult a dog behaviorist or veterinarian to manage your pet’s excitement and calm their anxiety. Finding a solution will save your carpets. Most importantly, it will help you and your pet to be rid of urine-related anxiety.


If your dog is peeing in the house for one of these reasons, then we are ready to help. Our Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.) contacts the urine source and immediately begins a chemical reaction to destroy the urine odor.